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Motorcycle Insurance That's Right For You

We understand that your motorcycle is more than just a way to get around. The joy of hitting the open road is a passion you like to share with others. It’s an expression of the freedom you feel from feeling the wind on your face. You want the right insurance for your bike!

We stand behind our policies and offer industry-leading services, liability coverage, collision coverage, bodily injury coverage, and support. It’s how we do business!

We offer:

  • Multiple options
  • Protection for different types of bikes
  • Money-saving discounts
  • Experienced support

Here’s A Few Helpful Tips

1. Know Your State’s Rules
Each states' motor vehicle law requires all motorcycle and motor scooter operators to purchase liability insurance for their vehicles. A valid insurance card must be kept with the motorcycle or scooter or carried by the operator at all times. In addition, the operator of any motorcycle may be required to have a motorcycle endorsement shown on their driver’s license. Contact states department of motor vehicles or visit its website to learn about the rules for motorcycle riders near you.

2. Purchase Safety Gear
Before you start driving, invest in the proper safety gear. Most states require motorists to wear a helmet, so choose one that has passed industry safety inspections and is a good fit. For added protection on the road, purchase eyewear, gloves, boots, and a durable leather jacket.

3. Choose the Proper Bike
From scooters and cruisers to dual sport and touring, there’s a wide range of motorcycles on the market. Before you buy one, research which types are best for beginners. Some insurance agents may also provide you with accident and claims data on various makes and models to help you determine which bikes are safer.

4. Take a Riding Course
Navigating on a motorcycle is much different than driving a car. To get familiar with the changes, enroll in a riding course for beginners. You’ll typically learn basic skills such as operating the brakes, clutch, and throttle systems. Most classes also include instruction on riding in bad weather and driving defensively to prevent accidents. Additionally, some types of auto insurance may include coverage discounts if you pass an approved safety course.

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