Flood Insurance

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Flood Insurance

People who live in this area know that we are at high risk of flooding. It is a very good idea to have flood insurance in this part of Louisiana. For those who are considering purchasing this type of policy, Acosta Insurance has prepared this list of things you should know.

  • If your area is determined by the Federal Emergency Management Agency as the area at a high risk of flooding, you may have to purchase flood insurance in order to be eligible for a mortgage backed by the federal government.
  • Flood insurance can be purchased either through the National Flood Insurance Program or through private insurance companies.
  • There is a common misconception that damages caused by flooding are covered by standard homeowners' insurance.
  • If you are renting a home, your personal belongings will not be covered by the landlord's coverage - you have to buy your own flood insurance to protect your possessions.
  • Businesses need flood insurance as well. The statistics say that about 25% of businesses that close after floods never reopen again.
  • Most flood policies do not take effect until after a 30-day waiting period. Therefore, if you are thinking about getting flood insurance coverage, it is better to do it as soon as possible.

Flood insurance is a guarantee that your home and belongings are protected. Choosing the right flood insurance policy might be complicated, so Acosta Insurance is here to help. We value each customer and want to make sure that they get the coverage they need and can afford. If you have any questions or doubts about flood insurance, do not hesitate to give us a call.

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